West Virginia

Having only passed through West Virginia during a winter snow storm during my college days and trip to Princeton, New Jersey, I had a special experience there that will never be forgotten. Driving with some other college students on a winter break from Kansas University to New England, we drove straight through the day and night to make our way on that long journey. Our little car trekked without complaining, but hit a patch of ice. It was in Wheeling, West Virginia that the car went flying of the road and landed in a ditch. Four of us climbed out of the car and stood looking at our little car partially covered in snow. With a huge moon above casting blue shadows on the snow piles, it was an eerie scene. We were surrounded by what seemed stillness. As we stood scratching our heads in the cold night air, trying to figure out how to pull ourselves out of the predicament, people came walking up from who knows where. We soon found out that a church was have a service nearby and some of the amazing people came to our aid. With the strength that moves mountains, they quickly pushed our car out of the snow and up the embankment back onto the road. They told us that the car looked fine, so we should just hop in and try to drive. The engine started up, the car wasn’t hurt, and I hope one day to go back to Wheeling and West Virginia and see it in sunlight. If good people and kind deeds make a place worth a visit, then West Virginia gets my vote.