Washington in the far Northwest U.S. is best enjoyed with a few day’s driving trip.
Washington is the West Coast’s most northerly state, bordering Canada. While many think of rain, Starbucks Coffee, Washington apples, and the Seattle sky needle, it is also known for its rich cultural offerings that range from fine cuisine, great hotels, beautiful buildings and an independent music scene. Many new eclectic music groups hail from Washington, believe it or not!

While Seattle and Tacoma are several of the most visited vacation spots, Puget Sound offers colorful views to behold, and is a must see for any visit to Washington. 57 miles of beaches stretch along the Olympic National Park’s coast, and while swimming in the ocean waters can be quite cold, surfers love this state for its great waves. Wetsuits are standard issue when planning to surf Washington.

Olympia is home to the state capitol and is one of the most popular cities to visit in Washington, though Seattle offers the most flights and is easiest to access by national and international travelers. Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport puts vacationers or business travelers within a few hours’ reach of some of Washington’s highlights such as Mount Rainier National Park, Tacoma, Olympic Peninsula and the beaches.

While it may rain on a visit to coastal Washington, summer and fall is your best bet for dry weather and sunshine. When you arrive on one of those pristine, blue-sky days where the trees serve up their saturated green hues, you’ll see why people pack up on a whim and move to Washington state.