Vermont is right out of “The Sound of Music”
One of the most beloved family movies of all times, The Sound of Music, featured the heroic Von Trapp family performers who fled Europe and came to the United States during to escape an impending world war. Once in the U.S., the real family for which the movie was loosely based, settled in a place that reminded them of their beloved Alpine village. They selected and built a beautiful chalet in Vermont. One of the many charming hotels and inns, another you may want to visit in Woodstock is the Charleston House B&B.

Like so many other people who’ve visited Vermont, they appreciated the beauty that is seldom seen in the United States. This four seasons Eastern vacation destination is one of the best visits you can make in your travels to find something unique–something well worth the trip. And once you visit Vermont, it’s pretty difficult to not return.

There are so many great experiences to enjoy. Covered bridges are right out of a picture book. The straddle gorges or streams where craftsmen own glass blowing artisan lofts, restaurants or event homes and historic hotels.

Vermont is all about hospitality. Nature walks, dining, museums and sight-seeing on its roads are a few things you should put on your list. If you plan it right, the fall season is one of the most popular to watch the leaves of the trees turn from green to brilliant red, yellow or gold. It’s a display that attracts people from around the globe.

Winter skiing in the mellow Vermont mountains is an east coast favorite. And summers are all about getting out to enjoy nature in the woods, on the lakes or tucked away at a lovely chalet such as the Von Trapp Lodge in Stowe. There are a thousand treasures to explore and once you taste a maple desert, once you see a craftsman making the finest quality furniture, or watch glass blowers in training along the river banks, you’ll discover that if there’s a heaven on earth, it must be Vermont.