Oregon is a beautiful West Coast state of the U.S., located north of California and south of Washington. Completely overlooked, its scenic countryside, coast and beaches and breath-taking vistas make Oregon one of the best kept secrets in the United States, if not the world. Oregon is the place to visit if you like open space, fresh air, blue skies mixed with some rainy days, and the best of everything ranging from produce such as delicious, sweet apples to locally-crafted beers, cheeses, and a variety of products.

Two of our favorite travel writers / contributors have visited or live in Oregon. Ann Terry Hill is an Oregonian with a cause. She helps promote the Pendleton Round-Up, and wrote about it in a story called, Bulls, Broncs and Bravado. What this travel writer knows, even though she’s worked as a travel agent and world traveler, herself, is that cowboys rule in the beautiful towns that make up the character of this state that offers great drive trips for those seeking something away from the big city life. Even though places such as Portland are metropolitan, offering nightlife, music, entertainment and even traffic, Hill recommends that tourists get out of the city and go exploring the amazing attractions and cultural activities that Oregon has to offer.

Another travel writer from Texas, Maxine Sommers, visited Oregon and fell in love with its charms. Be sure to read about her adventures in Portland.