Nebraska is practically the center of the US. It certainly feels like you’ve arrived in the center, when you arrive on vacations to Nebraska. The heart of the nation has a heart, as you’ll discover when you meet some incredible people who seem to take life slow and easy. Your best bet for visits is to relax and enjoy the ride. Nebraska has farmland (lots of it) and is spread out with room to roam. Take a drive trip to explore all the sights that you would otherwise miss if you stayed in just one place.

Weather is a factor that can make or break your trip. Hot and humid summers at their peak may seem nearly unbearable, so if you are on vacation, do plan your visits around the opportunities for maximum or peak weather patterns that you’ll find in the spring and fall seasons.

Like so much of the Midwest U.S., Nebraska has a lot to offer that the locals hardly notice or appreciate. Coming from elsewhere, you’ll discover lots of history, antiques style shopping, wholesome foods, and many museums and cultural events surrounding the larger areas.