Visiting Missouri, the “SHOW ME” State
If you haven’t been to Missouri, you’ll be surprised that the heart of the nation offers hearty, farm-fresh cooking and good people who live by the code that “seeing is believing” in the Show Me state. With feet firmly planted on the ground, Missouri raises not only the world famous corn fed cattle and beef that’s treasured for its tender, sweet flavor, but also has been the home of political leaders, artists, scientists and journalists. One of the top journalism schools in the nation is at Missouri University (MU).

Missouri is located practically smack dab in the center of the U.S. Major airports where you may want to plan your arrival include Kansas City, known for the Truman Library, great jazz clubs, a lively music scene and enough hotels in the downtown region to satisfy your appetite for either affordable or upscale accommodations.

St. Louis, home to a huge arch next to the Mississippi River, is a fun city for tourists to visit. River attractions, city life and great dining Midwest style all make tourists feel at home, especially during the spring, summer and fall. There are 70 St. Louis hotels ranging from cheap to complete resort living.

Liberty, Missouri is a typical midwest city that’s not particularly large, but of interest for visitors seeking a glimpse into the past. From Jesse James to Joseph Smith, you’ll be interested to learn that to pioneers with very different agendas both passed through town and left their mark.

Winters in Missouri can be mild at times, but also can include ice storms and cold. Summers are warm, humid and mostly sunny. Our favorite times to visit Missouri are in the spring during March through May, and fall from September to October.

Special treats in Missouri are its blues and music scene (you haven’t experienced the blues until you see them performed live in one of the Kansas City night clubs,) and those delicious steaks and ribs. It’s worth a trip to Missouri just to sample a savory hickory smoke barbeque plate of beef ribs with some freshly-picked, sweet corn on the cob, the finest tomatoes available anywhere, and a strawberry shortcake topped with a dollop of whipped cream. Now that’s the kind of food you won’t find unless you travel to our home state of Missouri, the heart of America that’s got soul.