Mississippi, a southern U.S. destination had done more & more to welcome travelers and shake off that undeserved reputation as being ultra-conservative to the color red. If ever there was a place that welcomes guests, Missississippi could lay claim! Biloxi is one example of a vacation city that’s event driven, culturally rich, food superb, and festival enlightened. Reflecting the South, its climate and temperament, people here have accents…charming accents. At first maybe you have a difficult time understanding what they are saying but the infectious sounds soon become yours and by the time you head home, you’ll be talking like one of the locals.

Charm? The language is but one example of why a trip to Mississippi is an experience you need to add to your travel resume.

Mississippi is also an historical state. In the New West or Southwest, people speak in the length of 150 years, but in Mississippi, its history dates back much further. From a sociological adventure, you’ll see that time is metered a bit differently in this state that enjoys an Atlantic Ocean face.

Mississippi people have endured good times and hardships–but mostly good times. Their spirit is what makes life so pleasurable and what keeps the tourists smiling. Sweet tea is one delight you could hope to find in Mississippi. Sweet goes a long way, makes people smile, and provides instant energy. Sweet is Mississippi. Taste its message, see its people, sample the cuisine, both plain and spicy, and then reflect on what you’ve gained from a vacation that includes Mississippi.