Iowa corn fields bring forth some of the sweetest plants and the wholesome, fresh flavor epitomizes the people of Iowa. The beautiful farm lands and cities of this central plain state make for an escape you probably should take once in your life. Coming from a big city, you’re missing out if you don’t get to the Midwest to experience life in a different fashion. A bit slower pace, you’ll probably come on a drive trip, or land in Iowa’s capital city, Des Moines.

Families love its laid back pace and attractions to suit the kids. Science Center of Iowa helps you write off your trip as an educational experience, while Adventureland Amusement Park, Iowa’s largest family resort, is tougher to justify taking the kids out of school to enjoy. But when summer comes, pack them up in the SUV and get booking.

The Mississippi River runs along the eastern border of Iowa and adds to the character of this destination. Hop aboard a riverboat floating casino, one of the Mississippi’s turn-around stories of this mighty, muddy river that runs throughout the U.S. north to south. While the farm belt tends to be somewhat religious by nature, putting casinos on its waterways make gambling perfectly OK.

Tourist attractions in Iowa include the birthplace of John Wayne (The Duke), Madison County and The Bridges of Madison County popularized by a movie and The Amana Colonies, German villages designated as National Historic Landmarks. At the colonies you can see artists, artisans and the state’s only woollen-mill.

What you really need to do when you visit Iowa is take in the pace, the scenery and the food. You may have forgotten what it’s like to pick corn from the field and eat it right away, savor juice tomatoes and eat corn-fed beef quality steaks. Iowa is the place to get back to your roots and find out just how good the Midwest really is.