Georgia’s many charms include Civil War history, beaches, big cities and mountains.
If you dig those Georgia peaches, you may be thinking of a delicious fruit that grows so abundantly in the peach’s perfect climate. Or you may be thinking of the beautiful women that grace the state known for its Southern charm. A visit to Georgia often begins in Atlanta, home to the busiest U.S. airport. Needless to say, if you’re heading for Georgia, Atlanta will be your best bet for going direct.

Atlanta isn’t just home to CNN, a 24 hour television news service, which gives tours daily. You’ll also find the Coca Cola Museum where samples are given, and a beautiful Georgia Aquarium (the world’s largest), and one of the shining glories of the state, the Centennial Olympic Games Museum at Atlanta History Center. Definitely take a day or three to see Atlanta, which has a great public transportation system to get you from point A to B. Hotels are plentiful, and there are some really cool boutique hotel offerings in the downtown business district.

While Georgians love their state and will tell you how great it is, take a drive trip by renting a car to enjoy Civil War history, the Appalachian Trail, Brunswick & The Golden Islands and Savannah beaches.

Savannah is a must-see for those who come from places where there’s not a lot of historical remains (such as California, thanks to the darned earthquakes.) The largest Historic Landmark District in an urban setting, you’ll be amazed to see over 1600 buildings and structures within a few square miles that all hold title to historic significance. Lining the streets are greens that look picture-book perfect in the spring, summer and fall. If you do two things on a trip to George, see Atlanta and visit Savannah.

We love beaches and wouldn’t want you to miss Georgia’s coast, which has many beaches to write home about. Four barrier islands–St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island–are preferred destinations for Georgians and global travelers. They are located along the East Coast midway between Savannah and Jacksonville.

If you wonder how Georgia has withstood the winds of time, be sure to see the Gone with the Wind Museum as a final stop before your jet takes off and you escape before the beauty and soul of Georgia takes your breath away.