District Of Columbia

Welcome to the Nation’s Capitol in Washington D.C
If you are visiting Washington D.C. for the very first time, or are returning to a place you haven’t seen for a while there’s no better way to begin your visit to the United States capitol than with a Washington D.C. sight-seeing tour. Tour guides versed in the life and lifestyles of the nation’s powerhouse city deliver information that tourists enjoy. Anecdotes, humorous stories & historical information about Washington DC. are provided while you sit on an Old Town Trolley, riding by attractions that include the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington National Cathedral, Smithsonian Institution and Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.One of the magical times to visit D.C. is in the spring. That’s when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, gracefully draping each colorful Kodak moment with rich color. But if you can’t make it to this East Coast city during the month of March or April, you’re going to have a good time any time you decide to visit. Summers do get warm and even uncomfortably toasty on those rare days when the temps hit the upper 90′s, but most the time, you’ll be comfortable and fine, touring an amazing place that requires traveling just blocks to see some of the most important institutions and musuems in the United States.There are far too many highlights to cover on one page but we’ll begin with several that might tempt you into making this city part of your next vacation. It is a destination that you, as an adult, or as a parent, should be sure to make at least once. This is where many of the major decisions that affect your life come about. And seeing the lifestyle, the buildings and institutions will give you some idea of the setting in which our government meets and operates.Pennsylvania Avenue, the Avenue of the Presidents, is your best bet for seeing the top architectural attractions as you begin a tour of this special place. The Capitol Building is the anchor to this region filled with some of the finest buildings in the nation. Certainly the most visited spot in the city, if you miss this on a trip, it would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. Or like going to New York and missing the Empire State Building. Suffice to say that a visit to D.C. should begin right here. Other tour spots you might want to put on your check list are US Treasury Building at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Ave NW; Wilson Building, Reagan Building, Old Post Office with a tower guests can can climb, Navy Memorial, Willard Hotel, Canadian Embassy with a stunning view of the Capitol, the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art, and, finally, the Capitol Building itself.Victorian houses on scenic tree-lined streets surround the Capitol, as do the Supreme Court building, the Library of Congress, National Postal Museum, Union Station and Folger Shakespeare Library. If you visit on a weekend, take time to stroll the Eastern Market at Barracks Row (8th Street SE). Visitors can become overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of attractions to see, and sometimes the best bet for digesting the scene is to relax at the shops along this route. Have a cup of coffee or a soft drink at an outdoor cafe and soak up the vibe of passers by. In the nation’s capitol there are as many tourists as there are locals (maybe more,) so don’t be surprised if others don’t know where something is when you ask a stranger. If you go into a store or shop for directions, you may get better information.D.C. is filled with history, but is by no means boring and all about statues and famous politicians. That will be a big part of any tour for those who want to get an overview. Some special points of interest that tickle the fancy of those seeking entertainment and fun might include an evening out at 18th Street and Columbia Road. Sometimes described as a global village of restaurants serving cuisine and menus representing many countries, the nightlife has a cool vibe and chances are you’ll discover some live music of your choice in one of the bars or clubs in this trendy spot.Catholics should include a visit to Brookland neighborhood, home to 60 Catholic churches and institutions ranging from Catholic University of America to a Franciscan Monastery and the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Non-catholic visitors will enjoy a visit here to the 446-acre U.S. National Arboretum, including an herb garden.Smithsonian National Zoo with its famous panda cub Tai Shan is a top-visited attraction in Washington D.C. Not far from the zoo is the the 6th largest cathedral in the world, National Cathedral. And the Smithsonian Institute, itself, includes many museums, zoos and galleries. One of the best known is the The National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall. Spirit of St. Louis, Wright Flyer and Apollo 11 command module, plus IMAX, a planetarium and special exhibits make this a top attraction. What you’ll discover during summer tourist season are long lines into this venue and many of the most popular. You’ll often feel like you are the zoo, so do take a sense of humor, some patience, and if you can plan a trip outside the peak season of June-August, by all means, do it!