Delaware is small in size, but large in the minds of vacationers.
Delaware’s hotel stays at beaches offer quite a refreshing escape.

Delaware is the second smallest state in the USA, just larger than tiny Rhode Island. They both share East Coast locations and the both offer great vacations. Bethany Beach is one of the tourist spots that you’ll enjoy visiting during a vacation. Summers along the coast are wonderfully relaxing and the events cater to an audience eager to enjoy entertainment with their R&R.

Delaware is only 96 miles long and is 9 miles in width to 35 miles wide at its largest point. Playing a major role in US history, it offers many museums tracing the history of the American revolution, the underground railroad and the establishment of the country.

Willington Square in Wilmington includes six historic homes operated by the Delaware Historical Society, and open to the public. Spanning pre-Colonial day, the first state in the U.S. is one of the best to visit and look at houses and buildings. The Amstel House in New Castle, for instance, was built in 1730. It is open by appointment (, and was home to or was visited by signers of the Declaration of Independence, and George Washington. Allee House in Smyrna was built in 1753 as a brick plantation. Now part of the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, it is open on weekends during the summer (

Not quite so old, but really fun to see is the Zwaanendael Museum, built in 1931 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the state’s first European colony. It is located in Dewes and is open to the public daily (

Delaware isn’t just cool buildings from 300 years ago. It’s also about fine crafts, foods, entertainment and beaches. One of the most famous is Rehoboth Beach. Old-fashioned fun includes foods such as funnel cakes, taffy, custard and anything with sugar. The beach is a vacation spot filled with lots of hotels, old-fashioned Main Street celebrations, fireworks seen up and down the boardwalk and shoreline each 4th of July, and and bandstand where musical groups play on warm summer nights.

If you feel lost in the modern madness, a trip to Delaware will put it in perspective, offering 300 years of history to reflect upon, surround and educate kids and adults.