Vacation Deals

Vacation and travel deals can save you a little or lots of money, but may require research and hours of effort to discover. We receive many press releases and information about travel specials, new destinations, discounted hotel & resort specials and off season travel to tourist spots that aren’t quite so hot when the peak season ends. Some deals, however, are available when the weather is at its best. By simply shifting your vacation by weeks and waiting till the kids at your desired travel destination return to school, you’ll find greater availability on flights & hotels, plus cheaper rates and a variety of perks.

As reporters researching and writing about travel, our primary goal is to share information that may be of interest to you, thus saving you time and money. Decisions on pleasure travel are most often made by women booking hotels, flights and other arrangements on the Internet. Our freelance writers include a fair share of men, but the majority of us are women who love to travel. We are bargain shoppers who pride ourselves in finding deals (we’ve had a lifetime of practice in saving money.)

Is a deal too good to be true? Sometimes it really is great, delivering on the promise. You may feel luck is on your side when you discover and purchase a travel product that turned out that way. When booking such deals, however, be sure to read the fine print and weigh your options. If you feel the offer is right for you, then go for it!

If you are flexible, you may save lots of money, experience less crowds and have a better time. If you aren’t so flexible, you’ll spend more time making travel arrangements to suit your needs. A deal may not be a money-saver per se, but simply something that suited your budget and time constraints. And being happy when you travel is the best deal of all.