Colorado is rugged, mountain beauty where nature touches the sky.
Colorado resorts and hotels offer such an escape!

The world fell in love with Colorado when John Denver sang about Colorado Rocky Mountain High back in the 1970′s. For those who have visited or lingered in Colorado, the mountain life is rugged, yet refreshing. It’s a place to go, to reconnect with your inner self, and to learn about how the earth was formed. When you look at the towering mountains visible from most locations in the state, you are constantly in touch with nature.

Colorado and the Rocky Mountains are part of a geographic formation known as the Continental Divide. The mountain range separates the West from East and even measures life with its own marker, Rocky Mountain time zone.

Once affordable for ski bums who traveled for the love of great winter slopes, Colorado has become the in spot for those with extra cash to invest in and reside in their mountain getaway chalets or mansions. Nearly every celebrity or wealthy investor owns property in Colorado among their real estate holdings, and when you visit and take a look, you understand why.

Tourists most often fly into Colorado, but many drive. Having a car is necessary if you hope to see and explore the mountains and forests. Of course winter skiing remains famous at places such as Vail and Copper Mountain, but summer visits are heavenly in their own right. You can camp, hike and soak up nature, resting next to a waterfall that gently lulls you to sleep. Colorado is one of the top hiking and camping vacations in the U.S. because of its national forests and enjoyable summer weather.

When flying into Colorado, you’re best bet for arrival is a trip into Denver. From there you can rent a car and get around most of the state within a day’s trip. Bordered by Kansas and Nebraska to the east, Wyoming to the north, Utah to the west and New Mexico and Oklahoma to the south, much of Colorado is flat farmland and cattle ranch operations like its surrounding neighbor states.

And thanks to the still somewhat affordable housing, major defense contractors and other corporations have relocated to Colorado, leaving places such as California. Lest you think the majority of the state is upscale and over the top, be forewarned. Cowboys still exist, and many towns in Colorado include working class people just trying to make a buck.

A drive through the entire state is your best method of gaining your bearings but some find the drive kind of boring. With limited time to explore, fly into Denver, rent a car, head to the mountains and take it from there.