This 2008 travel season in the US wrapped up with few surprises. While “staycation” became over-used, it was absolutely true that people stayed closer to home. What seems to have occurred was less expensive trips, closer to home trips, shorter vacations, and a lot more time spent getting to know one’s local environment and its assets. What’s next? Some predict that like the fall-out from 9-11, the public will feel a pent-up energy to travel. Hotels have not necessarily dropped rates in strong markets, but there have been greater inventories for the vacation traveler. While the US heads toward its winter season, those seeking to travel should consider going now. The weather is still fantastic, the inventories and prices may have dropped slightly, and your pleasure may increase as you no longer wait in long lines for museums and attractions.

While travel is down from its mid-summer high, its just a fantastic time and huge opportunity to go see America, the world, and have a good time!