Europe is full of things to do in Paris. Most visitors to the French capital do not have a clear idea of what to do in Paris, despite the best efforts of seasoned tourists. Paris’ attractions are so many that it is difficult to pick one or two things to do in Paris.

What tourist doesn’t know about the beauty of the Seine River? It was once one of the oldest navigable rivers in the world. It is now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can try your hand at boat racing.

Every city has something to offer for every kind of tourist. The famous theatre in Paris has many of its old structures standing. You can watch some of the greatest actors and actresses of the world from these same buildings. The Petit Palais Theatre will provide you with a taste of classical art. The new building of this landmark theatre has a contemporary architecture that will give you a taste of the best theatre experience you can find anywhere.

There is also the Cité des Arts de Pelles. It is located in the heart of the district of Montmartre. It was designed by the famous architect Le Corbusier.

This is the historic district, where the Royal Palace of Versailles stands. It is also the home of the Prince’s Gardens. When you want to see great architecture, the royal gardens, and the gardens on the park itself, this is the place to go.

The hotel that you stay in while in Paris is very important and a lot of the things to do in Paris are related to the hotel. The Carrousel du Louvre is one of the most popular places to go to. Here you can enjoy your lunch and dinner in a true Louvre restaurant. Another great thing to do here is to check out the extensive collection of antique objects.

For those who love parks, the Pitié-Salpêtrière park is definitely one to check out. It has some very good panoramic views. It is also lined with tall trees that give the place a very romantic feel.

But no park is complete without the Plage Notre-Dame. Here you can visit some of the best museums in Paris. It is also known as the world’s most beautiful church.

If you are looking for something a little more elegant, you can check out the Gothic-styled Dolce Marteuse. The windows have stained glass that resembles the Gothic style. This is an extremely beautiful building and you would not want to miss a visit to this impressive structure.

If you like music and dancing, the Parc Des Princes is the place to be. It is one of the biggest disco clubs in the world. The club plays a lot of world-class musicians from all over the world.

After enjoying the fabulous view of the Parc des Princes, you should head over to the Place Vendome for more exciting nightlife. The bars in this area serve some of the best drinks in the world. So is it any wonder that tourists flock to the Place Vendome?

A trip to Europe is incomplete without some fun and excitement. After seeing so much, a trip to Europe is definitely something you won’t forget.