Kapalua Resort, Maui, Hawaii — Kapalua Resort Honolua Store year-long renovation showcases locally made specialty products, health foods and organic brands. The Honolua Store is an iconic symbol of Maui’s plantation era and has served this community since 1929.

A visit to the Honolua Store transports guests back to the original plantation village’s company store, featuring antiques , historic photographs and display boards that tell the history of the plantation store.

Highlights of the store include:

Local Products – Located just south of Kapalua Resort , Kapalua Farms grows organically-managed produce that will be sold throughout the year in the Honolua Store’s new fresh produce section. Items will vary by season and are also featured in deli menu items. Additionally , the store sells extra-sweet Maui Gold Organic and Maui Gold® pineapple as well as artisan meats and cheeses, including Surfing Goat Dairy’s popular goat cheese varieties.

Plate Lunch – The plate lunch was born when various ethnic groups settled in Hawai‘i and exchanged recipes on the plantations where they worked and lived, creating a “mixed plate” of different foods. Honolua Store’s plate lunch is legendary among locals – the meal that typically includes a scoop of rice, a meat or seafood as the main dish and macaroni salad as the side dish. Visitors can experience a taste of island culture by trying a plate lunch.

Espresso Bar and New Honolua Brand Coffee – Honolua Store’s new espresso bar offers designer beverages such a Brown Sugar Latte and Café Mocha made with Honolua Store’s private label coffee as well as frozen fruit smoothies featuring famous Maui Gold® pineapple. Try any of the six flavors of the stores exclusive coffees like the Signature Blend or Kapalua Morning just to name a few. The espresso bar also serves freshly baked pastries and cakes.

Extensive Wine Selection – Visitors can savor a taste of paradise with the store’s extensive new wine collection including French champagnes as well as local wines featuring pineapple flavors. The new white and red wine vintages span a 25-foot long wall.

In addition to these great new offerings, the Honolua Store also features a full-service deli, which re-opened to the public under the direction of Chef Romeo Arruiza. The deli provides visitors healthy menu options that reflect the flavors of the islands for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Kapalua Resort’s Honolua Store offers local merchandise, all-in-one shopping, dining and a cultural experience. All cutlery and take-out containers used at the store are made from sustainable, biodegradable materials such as sugar cane, potato starch and corn, minimizing the impact on the environment.

While this resort is fantastic, it is by no means the only option at Kapalua. We have stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua Resort, and it is world class. Offering similar amenities, plus the name brand that is recognized globally, this five diamond resort is also worth checking out.