When a car rental comparison site decided that Google wasn’t treating them right, they decided to wean off Google to build a brand and drastically increase conversion rates. Companies whose bottom lines rely on   SEO and SEM need to be found in Google, while not ignoring development of brand & product. Companies with clear direction determine exactly which users they want as clients, finding the best ways to identify them, defining the message to communicate, and pin-pointing the most cost-effective channels to deliver the message. How can you use Google without compromising your company’s creativity and losing site of our long-term ambitions?  Let’s say site Vacation Travel Channel sells accommodations online, and the vast majority of its traffic comes from SEO and SEM traffic. Then along comes another company with a new business model offering last-minute hotel rooms with an added value. After a while those people who were searching Google for “cheap hotel New York” will bypass the search engine results and go direct to the site they bookmarked and remembered. While some experts advise that you should build brand in line with Google search and that company’s philosophy, the rapidly changing travel industry requires constant research, number crunchers and good inside SEM experts to spot the trends and run quickly with the change. While one car industry expert advised that you look long term for you company’s vision, that advice may or may not be best in even a five year plan. Especially when competing for sales of travel products.