Where your holiday is within the states, or out in Europe or Asia, there are many simple ways you can save money to make sure you have more to spend on what matters on your holiday and that you do not over spend where there is no need to. Below are 5 ways to save money on holiday!

Stock up on Travel Accessories Before The Trip

Travel accessories and essentials are best bought before the holiday, as most of the holiday essentials you will need can be found in a dollar store for far cheaper than the same product at the airport or in a tourist heavy holiday destination, things such as eye masks, travel cushions and electrical adaptors can be bought cheap but are much needed, so Airports exploit this by charging far more for what is often times the same product. This also applies to the mini travel products that may look cute and convenient, but are the same price often as their full price counterpart, which means your paying the same price, just getting a lot less.

Ask staff for their personal hangout suggestions

When looking for a place to eat food, buy some drinks or just hang out, it can seem a smart move to go to your hotel desk and see what the range of brochures suggest is the ideal location for your needs, but the issue here is they often have a bias to what they suggest, either from them getting paid to refer their guests, or simply to just suggest some well loved areas by tourists, the issue here is that they don’t often give you the most authentic taste of where your visiting and are pack to the seams with other tourists.

Instead, ask the staff for suggestions, but not just general suggestions, ask them where they often hang out and where they go with their friends and family, as these are normally lesser known areas that the locals love, which ensures less tourists making for expensive and long waiting times, and more of an authentic and enjoyable experience.

leverage the free breakfast

Does your hotel or place you are staying on your holiday offer a free and complimentary breakfast? If so, then why not take advantage, not just by going and getting your fill, but by also using it to stock up on some essentials and snacks for later? The Yogurts, fruit and bread rolls with cold meat can make for a tasty lunch in a pinch and save you money overall. Make sure you take some condiment and sugar packets too!

Make your own meals

Following our previous tip for saving money by cutting back on food, consider making your own meals over going out to dinner every night, a nice bottle of cheap wine with some sandwiches at a picnic or over your hotel balcony offers a similar experience that you will fondly remember for being unique and not just going to another restaurant for easy and convenient food.

Check if your age can save

If you are over 60, under 18 or a student, then always ask for the relevant discounts everywhere you go, you would be surprised how much you could save, and just because a place doesn’t promote their discounts, doesn’t mean they don’t offer them, and surely, its better to ask and get a no than wish you asked when you find out that your day out could have been much cheaper if you did!

To Conclude

To conclude, there are many ways you can save money while on holiday that don’t detract from the overall experience, so make sure to keep these methods in mind for your next holiday! Have any other methods we may have missed out on? Be sure to let us know!