Arkansas Means Politics, WalMart and a Powerhouse of Thinkers, Movers and Shakers
Arkansas offers political points of interest, and very nice vacation hotels.

What comes to mind when you mention Arkansas? Some think of the Presidential Library of William Jefferson Clinton in Little Rock. Some remember a summer vacation to enjoy the hot springs. And some think of one of the largest corporations and retailers in the world, WalMart. Believe it or not, corporate types from around the world fly into Arkansas to do business.

You have to visit Arkansas to appreciate the people. When you arrive, two things will smack you in the face. One is that they are incredibly nice. It makes you step back a pace and look at your own way of living when you meet natives who just seem happy.

The second noticeable attribute of beautiful Arkansas is about its natives, as well. Not only are the Arkansans nice, they are also a determined lot. When you wander through the historic battlefield at Pea Ridge or search for the Butterfield Trail with former Fayetteville mayor, Marilyn Heifner, who has fought tooth and nail to preserve the significant, irreplaceable history of Arkansas, you’ll see the incredible depth and commitment of individuals who love their state.

Arkansas was once the middle ground where battles decided the fate of the north and the south during the Civil War. U.S. history cannot be studied without knowledge of the state of Arkansas, which became the gateway to the West.

In addition to the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Central High School where blacks broke rank by attending all white public schools back in 1957, and Bentonville where WalMart began, new attractions for tourists to enjoy will be a national Marshalls Museum in the old west city of Fort Smith.

One of the most delightful cities in the U.S. for its historic buildings and shops, carousel and Ferris wheel on the waterfront, and museum that once was a brothrel, Fort Smith is filled with treasures that may sweep you away with the romance, the passion and the punishment meted out during America’s transition period. Several museums have stories to tell both about the outlaws, the Native American Cherokee Indians and their personal battles to survive during the Trail of Tears movevement to neighboring Oklahoma, and the house of ill repute where men could stop and have sex for a fee with a lady of the night.

Another gem is Fayetteville. In Little Rock, you get Bill, and his presidential museum. But in Fayetteville there’s another museum, the adorable red brick home where Hillary and Bill first planned their foray into politics. This is also where Hillary Clinton formed the first legal clinic for women at the University of Arkansas. Fayetteville has such a great vibe, not just for its history and its famous Arkansas Razorback college football team, but also for the college scene, itself. The campus is shaded by huge willow trees, green flowers, lilacs and sits on hills. At night the city streets come alove with college students who love to sit at outdoor cafes featuring live music and their favorite beverage, beer. Great restaurants, great surroundings and good people who are estute and can-do in their approach, make up Fayetteville, a must-see on any Arkansas visit.

These are but a few of the surprising, compelling attractions and reasons to take time to visit Arkansas. It’s not normally on the radar of East or West Coast residents, but it should be. A trip to Arkansas does not disappoint!