Welcome to Alaska and its wonderful hotels! Alaska hardly seems like it is part of the United States, but it is. Located above Canada, Alaska is the largest state in the US, is not bordered by any other US state, has more coastline than any other state, and is one of the wealthiest, most diverse states for population. Vacations to Alaska often happen by cruise ship or you can fly into its most popular, largest cities such as Juneau or Fairbanks where lovely hotels such as Millennium Alaska Hotel sits on the bay.

Winter events you might sink your icicle into include dog sled races, beaver round-ups and world ice art championships. Are you getting any idea that Alaska has ice and snow? Well there is a summer season to enjoy its warmer weather sports and fun and if you visit during the summer months (May – September) you might enjoy the Bald Eagle Music Festival, Sandhill Crane Festival, rodeos and fairs.

One of the finest trips for photo safaris, the animal opportunities include photographing bears, caribou, birds and landscapes that are dramatic and inspiring. Those who visit Alaska are not shy about describing their experiences. On a scale of 1 to 10, Alaska vacations are a 20.