Wyoming is known as Cowboy Country and believes its state lays claim to the moniker, Cowboy State. While there are many states who beg to differ or disagree (Texas, Colorado and Idaho, to name a few,) there is undeniably a very earth-oriented and real feel to this state that bares its tourism pride on its vest.

Just try to tell a Casper local that their city isn’t cowboy country. With costumed actors creating a living history panorama, and country western singers such as Merle Haggard featured, you’ll look like a fool to say that Casper, Wyoming doesn’t know its country roots. Located along a trail that brought gold-seekers, Mormans, and settlers through the area, Casper wears its history in the Old West like a badge of honor. And, artifacts such as bones dating to 10,000 years show that bison were captured by the fearless natives who used their furs for clothes in the winter, and meat for food to feed their tribes and families.

Travelers find some of the last open public lands in the nation luring among the streams, lakes, mountains and wild acreage of undeveloped property available to explore. For mountain bikers, anglers, river rafters and rock hounds, there are an estimated 10,500 wild acres to explore in places such as Rock Springs.