New Hampshire

New Hampshire, Where Maple Syrup Ranks Tops Among Taste Tests
While Vermont maple syrup made fresh from spring harvests of the sap of maple trees is well known, New Hampshire recently won awards for its product, which was preferred by taste testers who know their maple.

Why would a visitor care about maple syrup? While it’s presence isn’t necessarily a predominant theme upon visits to New Hampshire, tourist best be warned that its addictive qualities my find you adding pounds to you waste, should you be taken in by the maple coffee, maple cream, maples pies, maple sauces and 1000 ways that people use maple in this northeastern U.S. state.

What really stands out about New Hampshire besides its greenery, its beautiful summer lake escapes and its rolling hills are the unique characters that stand for their beliefs. Arriving at Manchester Airport, for instance, as you exit in a taxi or rental car, you’ll see that motorcyclists aren’t wearing helmets, and they don’t have to. Manchester is a great home base for trips, offering business class hotels, chain restaurants and amenities you may miss as you begin exploring the surrounding countryside.

Independent and proud of it, the residents don’t convey that folksy charm you find in states throughout the center of the country. They’re nice enough, but you’ll normally not find them gushing with small talk to strangers.

Visits to New Hampshire are so beautiful, so enjoyable if you arrange them after the rainy “mud season” shared with neighboring Vermont. In the spring it just rains and rains. And then it stops so the towns and cities can dry out. That drying period that comes usually in April or May is the ideal time to book your vacation to New Hampshire.

New Hampshire enjoys beautiful summers with oceanfront resorts along the North Atlantic coast. Or you can visit the villages and towns steeped in history, and filled with red-brick shops, gourmet dining and tree-lined streets. It’s a beautiful state and one that you ought to visit at least once. If your timing with the weather is lucky, you’ll be smiling in golden sunshine. But it’s not a bad idea to take an umbrella when visiting New Hampshire.