Louisiana is a cultural mecca.
Louisiana might well be considered a country unto itself. It has its own culture, its own climate, and the music that comes from this Southern state is very soulful…some of the best jazz and blues in the world.

New Orleans is the best known city in Louisiana, and rightfully so. It is the heart of all the things that represent the Cajun culture, unique Zydeco music and bayous where houses stand on stilts above the water line.

New Orleans suffered great losses during a hurricane, but is truly back as a tourist destination. While some portions of the city are in rebuild mode, as a tourist you won’t miss a beat visiting the great jazz clubs, dining on French / Cajun cuisine with spicy flavors and lots of shell fish, and sipping some of the great bourbons and drinks that come from the south. If you’ve heard of mint julep and the French Quarters, you might want to soak up a bit of Louisiana style, truly a place to cherish and enjoy.

Another fantastic destination that you surely won’t want to miss when visiting this laid back place is Lake Charles, which must be the event capital of Louisiana. They know how to have fun and keep a full schedule of tourist activities and events for vacationers who feel at home as part of the family in this Louisiana city. French architecture mixes with American style and creates this unusual, charming and addictive “big easy” feel that can only come from Louisiana.